Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You know that I'm no good...

I've been listeing to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately. I'll never forget the first time I heard her amazing, sultry, haunting voice.

I was over at my girl friend Kelly's apartment one winter night and she said she had to play something for us. She used to work for Virgin and got tons and tons of stuff in advance for free. So she played this girl for us, this phenom. I was totally blown away.

We used to use the word "Fuckery" on a daily basis :) We got to see her at Coachella that next year, which was utterly amazing. She played in a tent and everyone overflowed way outside of it yet were obviously captivated.

Nowadays all you hear from this lady is how much of a mess she is. It's really sad. She has such a talent, she has such a gift... it's all going to waste. It's heartbreaking to see. Back To Black is a masterpiece. No matter what happens in the future I'm glad I have this album to immortalize the tortured, soulful spirit of this woman.