Thursday, April 2, 2009

proud to be...

I've never been super patriotic or anything. In fact, my aunt is a marine and she always pushed my dad to have us come up and visit her for the marine balls every year. My sister and I were never interested. I just never wanted that lifestyle of falling for someone, getting married young then having kids and having them be gone for months and years at a time. Not for me, no thanks!

So, tell me why, now, I am totally in love with my man... who is a crazy navy boy! dammit! But you know what? I am damn proud :)

I still kind of find all those graphics cheesy but hey, maybe they are growing on me. It's hard not to appreciate. Eric is disciplined. He is very smart. He is determined. He believes in service. He has really big dreams. He set his mind to this and he's not just doing it halfway. He volunteers, he's learning every day. He shares his dreams with me and more and more, including me in those plans for the future. It's really sexy... it's really inspiring. I do feel pride, extreme pride, every day. And it makes that time that is quickly approaching almost bearable. Because I know it will make him even more amazing and it'll also make me, and us, stronger for going through it all together.

soon he has to go live on a sub without me :(

@ the navy memorial in dc

I love him with so much of my heart

"Any man who may be ask what he did to make his life worthwhile
can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction,
'I served in the United States Navy.'"

june 2; uplifter

I am so excited for the new album! Look at how great my boys look :)

I can't wait to see my 50th show in a month!!! yes, FIVE-ZERO!! in-freaking-sane. I love this band. I am so very excited for some spring shows and summer tour. April is going to be rough but I am going to stay positive and May is going to be amazing and June will be even better. Here's to looking forward to the good times!