Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food journal

Not up to blogging much. The last couple of weeks have been really hard adjusting day to day without coming home to my best bud. Works been really killing me and I can't come home to relax as easy. SO I've really thrown myself into bootcamp and that's going great. I've decided that, that's that! I'm not going to let any loss bring me down. I'm grieving but I can only move forward, as in any situation I've been through lately. What doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

My trainer has been having us email him pics of our eats....so I will share with you the last few meals. It's so boring, what else can I do?! Thank gawd I love salmon and veggies and salads...but I mean, I need help! Suggestions? Any/all are appreciated :)

turkey variations via bristol farms salad bar/home cookin'

stir fry veggies with chicken and curry (via trader joes)

salmon dishes delivered to work...via Lala's & Lemonade

I love that the hard work def pays off. Love how my body feels and my clothes fit. My March vacay to Turks & Caicos is gonna be amazing :) PLUS, I've noticed a spike of lace in my underwear drawer...oops.

it's only Monday but I'm already counting the minutes... Heading to NorCal this weekend to see my favorite band RX Bandits and the sights and one of my dearest gal pals. Much needed mini vacay :)