Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back on the east side

I was gone for 3 and a half weeks! I got back really early this morning and slept most of the day. Went for sushi dinner and then into the city for an interview. It's for a new company and I'm really excited. It went well so I hope I got it. Anyway, it's Tuesday...so here we go!

1. I went to the 1984 Olympics. 

2. I was once on The Hills. 

3. I met all of Kings of Leon before I knew who they were.

4. I'm afraid of the ocean. 

5. I got paid to see Simon and Garfunkel.

6. ...and Muse... and Red Hot Chili Peppers... and The Police...

7. I've flown alone more times than with someone else. 

8. I once babysat for Scott Weiland's children. 

9. I went to Catholic School for 4 years. 

10. I engineered $4,400 earrings.