Monday, October 5, 2009

Bonefish Grill

On Friday night, I had a mini-meltdown because we had nothing to cook for dinner and when I get off at 9pm, I am hungry, tired and cold crossing the Hudson River. So we decided to make it a night out. We're still new in the area so we don't know where all the good places to eat are, so we decided to try something new.

We waited about 5 minutes versus the hour and some change wait Olive Garden had at the same time. The walls across from the windows our booth was attached to had a beautiful stream light fixture on it. I will try to snap a pic next time we make it in... because there wiiill be a next time.

All of the food was amazing. I ordered scallops and shrimp and everything melted in my mouth...seriously. Eric ordered steak which was really undercooked (but he ordered it that way!) it was still good though. The food was great and the prices were not bad. We ordered higher end meals, aps and a drink and spent right around $50. I thought we'd be spending a lot more.

My favorite about the entire experience were these two things:

Calamari and $5 sangria. mmmmmmmmm! There was a sweet sauce for the calamari that I've never had before and just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I will highly recommend it to anyone that will listen.

If you have a Bonefish Grill local to you, plz check it out :)