Sunday, November 7, 2010

One down...3 to go!

Just finished my first week of boot camp! My arms and legs are a little shaky but I am feeling good! Whoa exclamation points. Excuse me, I am really excited though, I'm becoming a salad junkie too. I'll throw up some of my faves this week. There's a cute spot by my work that has amazing salads but I can't rationalize paying more than $10 for a salad for lunch. For now, thank you Trader Joe's!

the view from the M-F spot, did the monday session & 2 sessions on weds!

Here's some snaps I took of the  5.5 mile hike we took this morning.  Man, I
 am in pain but it was awesome and it's going to be worth it for sure :)   Great
way to end a bad weekend & start the week.   Not so tough to keep yourself
motivated with such a beautiful view! I almost psyched myself out a couple
times. I'm no quitter!! Excited to start seeing results soon. How do you keep
motivated?? I'm kind of happy about the time change, I'm going to use it as
a jumpstart to get up early & hit the AM session or start my day at the gym.

Enjoy the end of the weekend and have a great week!