Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Things: Summer Style


yeah I know we're in the middle of it now but in California it really just barely feels like it's begun. Even on the 4th we were cold! And work is finally slowing down to where I can take a day or two off and book a vacay.  vacation! that's all I can think about. Funny enough, my best friend just popped the question to of "what should we do for new years?" are you joking?! ook! well here's my top 10 fabulous summer plans. They're not listed in order of importance but I guess in somewhat sequential order.... here we go!

mel and i at our KoL show #1

10. Kings of Leon... yep, just happened but I still have to talk about it. my summer kick off, first road trip, tailgate, sweat-it-out summer show. Played some new tunes, now I'm re-obsessed and I want to go to like... the rest of their tour. yep, all of it. 

9. 311... three eleven, three three eleven. come on, this is me and if I wasn't going to a couple 311 shows in the summer something's wrong. So our schedule is up north (maybe...depends on #8) and then OC and San Diego. Same two venues I saw KoL, ha! their setlists have been pretty ridiculous this summer so I'm excited. I am always happy to see them. 

8. Rage Against the Machine @ the Palladium....what?!?! yeah. Might have a visitor and might try to go. IF I can find tickets. :::crossingfingers::::

7. Girls Weekend... I am jealous of everyone with a summer birthday. THREE of my favorite gals have birthdays this weekend, ridiculous. So I'm heading up to Solvang for my friend Ana's birthday for sunning, wine tasting and some healthy goss. I can't wait, I love a little weekend getaway. We might stay at the hotel from Sideways!

6. Lollapalooza... yes, I am making the trek for the 3rd year to one of my favorite cities, to be with some of my favorite people and take in one of my favorite festivals. I'm going to bounce around and just take in a variety of acts... it's just fun to go. Highlights: Metric, Gaga, The Black Keys, Dirty Projectors, MGMT, Arcade Fire. 

5. Outside Lands... well I have been dying to go up north and Melissa and I are just nutty enough to do it, trek up to San Fran to take in another festival and another Kings of Leon show. Yep, going there! Highlights: The Strokes (since I may skip them to see Gaga at Lolla) My Morning Jacket, Edward Sharpe.

4. Lady Gaga... Gaga is coming to LA!!!!! I am going to go with my girls, have a couple drinks and dance my face off. 'nuff said. 

3. John Mayer..... oh the JM! He was a highlight of our summer last year... we got super up close and personal to John, the tunes, and the abs. I love him. His music means so much to me and I love going with my sister and my best friend. Can't go wrong.

2. RX Bandits.... to cap off the summer, going to see the RXB 3 full album shows at the end of September. Saw them in NYC and it was ridiculous. I'm going to be on the hunt for more tickets so I can drag friends. PLUS, Dexter comes back on the Sunday, so I get to go home to that. I couldn't be happier.

1. Beach, baseball games, pool days, warm nights, happy hours, road trips, bbq..... Looking forward to more of this. Really happy right now and excited about what's to come. I love summer and I am embracing it!