Tuesday, November 2, 2010

birthday lust list

well well well... it's that time of year! one week until my day of birth! I'm not too phased by age or numbers and I have always said 25 was the scary number for me and I'm glad to be leaving it. 26 sounds like a rounder, more mature age. Plus it's been kind of an intense year and I am more than happy to put it behind me. My mom asked me yesterday what I wanted and I started to think..... what DO I want? hmmmm.....

deffo need a new blackberry!! can't decide which to get

 oversized sweaters via urban

oh hey, the rack is having an event on my
 b-day! prob be buying myself a gift or 2 :x

practical: a flickr pro account :) so i can share my pretty pix

my best friend Kelly is currently in transit, moving back
to LA.  I couldn't be more excited&can't imagine better
 way to spend my weekend than with my two gals. think
I see two tat's in my near future as well.....stay posted!   ;)

this pic made me smile :) a little example of the moments I'm looking forward to

maybe a spicy bday make out sesh?  ;)
peep more spicy kisses

hey hey, a girl can dream......

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeen

I am a sucker for Halloween. Fall is def one of my favorite times of year. I don't usually ever mind the end of summer especially since I am a socal resident. The weather stays beautiful and it means college football, Oktoberfest and my birthday! I love all the scary stuff and the decor. My birthday is in early November and my latin roots fuel my love of the Day of the Dead and all the beautiful art that accompanies the holiday. 

I found these charms too late to add them to my etsy store...maybe next year! I did scoop some up for me though:)

Halloween is very special because I come from a really big family and we've always done big holidays. It was always fun times with my cousins when I was younger and now it's an excuse to get dressed up and glammed up and go out with the girls. I've done the West Hollywood Parade and last year got to see the madness of a NYC parade. This year I had a low weekend. Went to grab a couple drinks with my girlfriend last night and tonight I cooked turkey chili and cornbread and handed out candy at my parent's house. Saw some fun costumes but this year I didn't really feel like putting much time/effort into a costume and crazy plans. Maybe next year!

verrrrry easy indian DIY costume...basically just cut up a sheet and shredded the edges & tied them together.
^^^with Carlos from the Hangover :) laughs with Melissa // my Dad & Pedro handing out candy to kiddos

Glad I took this weekend easy.... now it's time to get ready for the month of November.... my best friend is moving back to LA and she'll be here this week. Going away for the weekend with my girlfriends for my bday. Either Vegas or Palm Springs and both will be in the upper 80s. Very excited to hit the pool! There are a lot of November babies in my group of friends so it's going to be a month of celebration. I also have a $450 jetblue credit to use by the end of the month. Where should I go?! I can't decide.

Hope everyone had a good holiday. Have a good work week! Excited, I already have Friday off. yay!