Thursday, January 26, 2012

New year, new posts

Wow I am such a slacker! The end of 2011 turned out to be a little turbulent. Nothing much to report so I was over playing on pinterest and tumblr. Inspiration pictures, quotes and videos go a long way :) Things right now are a little crazy but going good. 2012 is going to be fun, right? 

Here's some NYE highlights, because it's always my favorite and this year I had a really amazing night. I went to see Henry Clay People with my cousins and although I'd never listened to them it turned out to be SO GREAT! They played a set and towards midnight, they started playing a bunch of covers of everyones favorite songs like Don't Stop Believin' and When Doves Cry. Eventually they ended up pulling people onstage and all my friends and I were up there, singing and dancing. Perfect tone to start the year on and def a night to remember :) I love having a great show to go to on a holiday, no pressure, no fuss and makes it so much more special.

cheers to new years! :)
group pic and the madness begins...
singing onstage with the band, haha


I am OBSESSED with any bar/venue with a photoboooth! SoCal spots: 
Bar 107107 West 4th Street  Los Angeles, CA 90013
Alex's Bar2913 East Anaheim Street  Long Beach, CA 90804
(^aka Fangtasia where they film True Blood:)
The Dark Room7302 Melrose Avenue  Los Angeles, CA 90036
Satellite17 Silver Lake Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90026