Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Things: An RX Bandits Version

Today's 10 things is a little different. I just wanted to share my love for a band that I've been talking a lot about lately. I know I annoyed my sister, I turned my best friend on to them and peeked my other best friend's curiousity by talking about them non-stop! 

So here's my 10 things RXB style. 

1. I've heard about RX Bandits for years... even had CD's gifted to me that I never ever listened to. I was very very set and proud of my hate. 

2. Grew up about 20 minutes from them... they are Long Beach locals and my parents live across the bridge in Lomita. I love/appreciate how proud the guys are of their hometown because I feel the same way. 

3. I was dragged to my first show. Went socially to my second... skipped the third and fell in love at my fourth. Here I decided to tell the lead singer (Matt Embree) how much I hated them... and how awesome they are that they could completely change my mind. He actually appreciated it and didn't punch me in the face.

4. Matt sings in Spanish. Be still my heart... seriously... eeeeeeeee... rockin' psychedelic hardcore but still a samba-stylish dance party. I don't think I could appreciate any band any more than that. 

5. ...And The Battle Begun. Such a romantic, desire filled, haunting love letter. It starts off with the sweetest yet stuttering, stalkerish note of "Am I cra... am I cra... am I crazy because I want to touch your skin?" and it plays on a struggle with drugs, pills, longing, temptation and loneliness. I feel like this album (and the next) are going to define a bit of the next few months of my life. I've already not been able to listen to any other artist... so it's not hard to imagine. 

6. Mandala. For some silly reason I thought to myself (and said to my friends) that I didn't know and/or like this album so much... boy WAS I KIDDING! It starts fast and furious and just keeps going and going. You cannot help but sing along with the first track, my effing spanish track is on here... "White Lies" has Matt playing keys and mesmerizing you... and "Bring Our Children Home" is a strong, political, meaningful anthem. This album doesn't ever stop playing in my head. 

7. These guys are so smart. SO SMART and so versatile. Most of the members play multiple instruments, split time between multiple projects... Matt's "Love You Moon" has him experimenting with a variety of instruments, including a beat boxing melody. Drummer Christopher Tsagakis has a similar one-man-band... Steve Choi goes from guitar to keys and back like nobody's business. 

8. They fly under the radar. They have been around for more than 15 years yet they still play clubs, they still hang out and drink with fans. It boggles my mind that they are still so approachable and humble and so grateful to their fans. 

9. Only For the Night. Not much to say other than this is probably my favorite song (and live song) ever. The lyrics, the music, the energy... completely uncomparable. Click ME for my youtube of the song from the Glasshouse show in April. (not to mention how damn cute the singer is when he dances around to it...ahhhh)

10. FULL ALBUM SHOWS! Who does that? oh yeah, the RX Bandits do. They record their albums in live format and they also have taken full album sets to Florida, Boston and 3 consecutive nights in NYC and now Los Angeles. For any music fan, seeing your favorite songs and favorite albums in their entirety is a rare treat. You have to respect and appreciate that... and get your ass out to check them out!! 

I know I have a lot of readers in Europe... please get out there and check out RX Bandits! They are touring your land as I type. I am insanely jealous and want you to see them! I hope that everyone else was a little enlightened... or furthermore annoyed with my new obsession. Please do me (and yourself!) a little favor though and check them out.