Wednesday, March 11, 2009


'06 Memphis

'08 New Orleans

I didn't really include any band pictures because it's about more than the band... it's my family. I have met the best people and had the most amazing times of my life. My best friends are 311 fans, my boyfriend is a fellow fanatic, I have traveled and will continue to travel all over this freakin' country to see them over 50 times! It's ridiculous but it makes me happy. It keeps me positive and has changed my life, for the best. :)

HAPPY 3/11 DAY!!!!!!!!

I made it in a gossip mag!

People's: Caught In The Act!

Mario Lopez, sipping on margaritas over dinner with Joe Francis and a group of women at L.A.'s Velvet Margarita. The guys ate enchiladas and "looked like they were having a blast," a restaurant patron tells us.

I was one of the women, haha!
We went to eat at Velvet Margarita after the America's Best Dance Crew finale. Kourtney Kardashian was also eating with us. Hilarious!