Friday, April 24, 2009


so, last year at the beginning of april i moved back to CAlifornia from COlorado. while i was living in the wild i worked for a start-up social networking site ( and i met some fabulous friends but i was also exposed to ALL KINDS of crazy social networks. one of those [which seemed completely worthless at the time] was

we all did it! ...but we were only "tweeting" to each other and other tech-nerds. keep in mind, this was more than a YEAR ago! so now, it is hilarious that twitter has completely blown up! it is insane! everrrryone is on twitter now! wts?

it's cool if you use it how @theellenshow does. she always has silly contests and show ticket giveaways. it's hilarious. but ellen is mostly awesome anyway, so it's always funny. @jimmyeatworld do similar give-aways and tweet live songs, pictures from shows, etc. they did a giveaway that i loved once... they left 2 tickets at will-call for one of their shows under the name "Twitter"!!! unfortch, no one picked them up and they said they're not going to do that again :(

of couuuurse one of my all-time favorite twitter-ers is @311_nick. it's awesome to see him on there right now, because 311 is currently on tour and he is always twittering. it's really awesome to be SO up to speed on everything they are doing! off days, tour dates, setlists, announcements, pictures, gossip... we get it all on there! he announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child there and even that one of the bands' tour buses had broken down! sooo exciting to be in the loop like that! they have a new album coming out on JUNE2 called Uplifter and all of the news is popping out there. it's awesome.

anyway, enough twitter-chat. if you're on there, follow me if you like @rosiita

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have a great family. A great big family. They are the big part of what makes it hard when I think of picking up and moving away from here. (again...) But distance only makes the heart grow fonder, right?

My grandma is a cutie pie. I adore her. She is so sweet and innocent. My mom always says she is like a little girl, because she is easily excitable and she talks too much. (which I don't really mind...) But I just love her so much, I love being around her and listening to her tell stories and saying "Hi" to her over and over (which is something annoying Eric and I also do).

Well, my precious grandma is spending the night at the hospital tonight :( I am hoping/praying it is nothing serious. I went to see her at the ER and she was just herself... chatting up a storm and joking as usual. They made her drink this huge jug of water and she joked with the nurse (which was lost in translation but my mom and I still grinned.) For example, she had 4 hours to drink this huge jug and she asked if she could drink 4 cups instead. And then she asked me and my mom to help her finish it... I would do any of those things to help her if it would make her feel better. I really wish I'd stayed with her tonight. I just know going to work early and hopefully leaving early was a wiser choice. I can't say better, because what is better than being there for my loving beautiful lady? I hope she knows she is all I am thinking about.

These are the moments I need my man the most. I just want to lay here and be comforted and loved and held... it hurt so terribly to see my gma in pain when we left. I am praying that tonight is not too awful for her. I am going to try to sleep so I can head in early, finish my work and hopefully head back to her as soon as I can. No pictures, maybe I'll edit and share one later but I don't want to start crying again. Send your positivity and loving thoughts to my lady, plz.