Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home cookin'

We're going on a big vacation to Vegas in a few weeks. (TWO to be exact...) and we've been in hibernation mode for a long while, so we've been trying to get back in shape and eat a little better. This is a little sample of what we've been munching on.


Low-fat recipes! Chicken in Shells

(click the photo for recipe, they were amazing, soooo delicious & really fun to make! I used fresh peppers & broc)

A little treat for working hard, home-made salsa for my love. It's his favorite :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


I dream of me wearing you poolside in Las Vegas. I wish. xo


A week late, but I just wanted to share some snapshots from our Valentine's Day. Eric sent a big box of flowers to my (former) work. They were gorgeous. I am glad he didn't just get me roses :) We also cooked ourselves a nice meal at home rather than deal with the crowds and overpriced menus. We had a lovely night. Everything on the us front has been really great lately. Life can be crazy and chaotic but we're pretty cozy and happy with just us. It's amazing to be loved like this :)