Friday, July 18, 2008

Music's what I need to keep my sanity

I've written this before but right before I moved to Colorado for about a year. That was one of the craziest, hardest but best things I've ever done. It totally changed me and my outlook on life, as well as redefined my relationships with most people in my life.

I'm one of the few people who was born and raised in Los Angeles. Thanks to my dad's job, I was exposed to the glitz and glam of Hollywood and I was severely bitten by the music bug. I don't know how it wouldn't have stuck, being that I started going to my first shows at 10 years old. My sister and I would be the first ones into the show, let on the rail, and then ushered into the backstage or VIP areas of some of the greatest venues in LA. It was insane.

Life wasn't as smooth or pretty growing up, which is probably why I embraced music so much. I'm not just a fan, I go above and beyond as a fan. One show is not satisfactory. I've seen my favorite bands countless times, I've traveled all over to see them, I've met them, I've converted others into fans. I've even worked for some of them. A sold out show doesn't phase me. I've been invited to private shows, after parties, taken thousands of photos, shared many, many drinks, but I've remained only that, a fan. My love is pure.

This is not a hobby. This is a mainstay in my life. My life is chaotic and things in them come and go constantly, but music will never leave. My love will never fade. Mark my words, this will turn into a career. I know when I want something badly enough I will work my ass off to make it happen. Plus, there is nothing better than being in the dark under the glow of the lights while my favorite band is singing. Nothing like it. I won't forget a moment. I hold all of the memories in the fondest place in my heart... I am eternally grateful.

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