Friday, September 12, 2008


I found a vintage pair in red last year at a rummage sale yet sadly they didn't fit... how did I know they'd catch on like wildfire and I STILL don't have a pair?!

My ideal pair is a mix of b + c... black with the cuff. I've seen a few I just can't rationalize dropping any cash shopping with no income. Once I get a job, these babies are mine. :)

OK I lied, I do have a pair of ankle boots but they don't have the pointed heel. They are adorable but were more practical for nights out on the town in snowy Colorado.

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::rae:: said...

They are really cute. I don't know how you feel about Payless but there is a great pair there I think you would like. I am going to get them. They are insulated well and have a bit of a thicker heel (but that is what I want). Here is the link. They are actually a deep black although they photoed them as grey.,Regular&size=6.0,Regular