Tuesday, October 28, 2008

nobody likes you when you're 23...

I really REALLY liked 23. It was crazy. A little rough. I started it in Colorado... a whirlwind 12 months later I am back in Los Angeles.

I feel like I learned a lot. I feel like I've grown a lot. But that could all be in my head :) we'll see. Somehow I'm tested everyday. I've learned to appreciate the highs, because the lows come quickly.

I have a lot of self reflection to do but I won't do it on here.



-airplane ticket to Baltimore for new years to visit my girls and boys.

(from pinklovesbrown)

(not exactly these but kind of, nothing crazy I love my basics)

What I REALLY wish is that I could be with the ones I love for my birthday, yet they are all spread out all over from Colorado to Ohio to South Carolina to Chicago and Baltimore... so, I guess I'll have lots to look forward to next year. I'm saving my pennies.

I have no idea still what I am doing for my birthday. Seems like when I plan it doesn't work out, so I am working my birthday weekend and hopefully going to Vegas the weekend after!

yay exciting :) I hope 24 is good to me...

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Holly said...

that first tank top is delicious!!

only 7 more days!!