Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have a great family. A great big family. They are the big part of what makes it hard when I think of picking up and moving away from here. (again...) But distance only makes the heart grow fonder, right?

My grandma is a cutie pie. I adore her. She is so sweet and innocent. My mom always says she is like a little girl, because she is easily excitable and she talks too much. (which I don't really mind...) But I just love her so much, I love being around her and listening to her tell stories and saying "Hi" to her over and over (which is something annoying Eric and I also do).

Well, my precious grandma is spending the night at the hospital tonight :( I am hoping/praying it is nothing serious. I went to see her at the ER and she was just herself... chatting up a storm and joking as usual. They made her drink this huge jug of water and she joked with the nurse (which was lost in translation but my mom and I still grinned.) For example, she had 4 hours to drink this huge jug and she asked if she could drink 4 cups instead. And then she asked me and my mom to help her finish it... I would do any of those things to help her if it would make her feel better. I really wish I'd stayed with her tonight. I just know going to work early and hopefully leaving early was a wiser choice. I can't say better, because what is better than being there for my loving beautiful lady? I hope she knows she is all I am thinking about.

These are the moments I need my man the most. I just want to lay here and be comforted and loved and held... it hurt so terribly to see my gma in pain when we left. I am praying that tonight is not too awful for her. I am going to try to sleep so I can head in early, finish my work and hopefully head back to her as soon as I can. No pictures, maybe I'll edit and share one later but I don't want to start crying again. Send your positivity and loving thoughts to my lady, plz.

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