Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm dyiiiing...

....of anticipation!

Friday morning I am flying to Baltimore to see Eric after a whole month apart! Wowza! That was tough considering we'd been flying back and forth on an average of every 2 weeks. We will spend roughly over 24 hours at home just being together and then Sunday morning we head out on vacation!! :D

We are heading to Asheville, NC to see.... 311! *shocking, I know! ;)

We got a cabin in the woods and we are gonna share with a few friends. Grill, have a few drinks, tell a few stories, relax in the hot tub (!!!) and enjoy two nights of shows. I am so excited I cannot stand it! Work is slow right now too, so Eric is going to come home with me and enjoy some LA time :) I am very very excited and very very impatient!

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Holly said...

cabin in the woods, eh? jealous!!