Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life notes from a plane ride

Life has been a bit all over the place lately and I've had to deal with some intense criticism. I wrote some notes, liner notes I guess about what I am all about. Just wanted to share.

I am someone who believes that you are born with what you need in life. Influence didn't make you. I despise ignorance and hate, yet I've dealt with a lot of drama my entire life for not biting my tongue. I will not. I'm an honest and true person. I am hated for being a selfish and uncaring person yet I am nothing but overwhelmingly friendly to strangers. You don't deserve respect, you earn it. And you get what you give.

I've been cutting ads out of magazines since I was really young. This all clicked with me. I worked with children for a long time maybe because I just couldn't deal with adults and I didn't want to be one. To be honest, I still don't. So its funny I fell into exactly what I want to do. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so I'm not surprised.

I want to make things beautiful. I take inspiration from everything. I want to go to Coachella and people watch and photograph and let the desert inspire me. Its magical there. And then almost clear across the country I want to go to Lollapalooza and do the same, in the middle of the metropolitan city amidst the skyline. I dream to design. I stare at the gorgeous girls in both places with their golden skin, in their summer attire and it's better than NYC fashion week. THAT is my fashion week. I could die after that, taking it all in. The hair, the hats, the headbands and headgear, the dresses, the beautiful bodies, the tans, the colors, the SHOES! No wonder when I went to Coachella for so many years and I only paid mind to what I would pack versus who I would see.

I think its all relative. Music, art, the color palate, my musical appetite.... Its all encompassed.

I think to make art one must know art. What a shame to just do what's selling to make you the most money. I'd like to make something classic. Be known for more. Its so exciting to go from step one, two, three, seeing everything in between. Molding myself as much as I molded my own projects out of wax back in school. You have to know texture, color, metals, heating, soldering, casting...its crazy and intense but beautiful and exciting. Something out of nothing. You know nothing until you have something you can call your own, with your conscience clear. Then pride is your own.

I am inspired by life. By the songstress with the rocker. By the beating drums and the ballads and the music and the moments at dusk you will never forget.

I'm ready for this life to start.

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