Saturday, July 10, 2010


The summer concert series has officially begun! I swear, my Tuesday 10 Things will be a full summer low down. I've been so busy at work! But I have 2 days to get a fab outfit for Monday night's Kings of Leon show at the Hollywood Bowl. Melissa and I raced down to San Diego after work last night for the show and it was soooo worth it. They are amazing and the new stuff is great! I can't wait to see them at home with my gals. So ladies, I need your help. A B or C? C seem more appropriate for a rock show, yet A look more comfortable and like I'd give them more use. Get in your vote ASAP!  

ps a special shout out and thanks for my girlfriends who purchased pieces off of my etsy shop. slowly i'm building some inventory and i am in love with the idea of my girls wearing my jewelry. i want to make things with you lovelies in mind... and i want you to enjoy the pieces i make. it really is a dream come true. so thank you. you don't know how much it means to me. xoxox

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