Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am used to talking about my girls, my travels, my music obsessions.... but today, truly, what I am grateful for every day of my life is the fact that I am truly blessed with a HUGE family. My childhood was awesome. I had so many built in play buddies, we had the best holidays and vacations. And now we're spread across the country with jobs, kids and lives of our own but I always think of them. I will always treasure them. This year was especially awesome because it was a milestone year. The matriarch on my mom's side turned 75, and even better, my mom's dad's mom turned 90 (!!!) how's that for good genes? I feel like the last couple of months have been a blessing, spent a lot of family time with my cousins and I know that I am lucky to have them all in my life. Bittersweet to head down to San Diego instead of staying local with my mom's side, but dad's side needs love too. It's been a long time since we all got to spend the day together. 

So today (and everyday!) don't forget to remember and appreciate those that you were blessed to be born with. I especially want to say that I love my sister. I am thankful for her every day of my life. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Now go eat, drink and watch football! ;)

sister & mom and dad..... I love you guys with everything I've got!


great gram in the middle, my grandparents on each side of her :)

mom's side seeeveral years ago....

 .....and to relieve the serious note, here's a little Dexter clip that is completely appropriate and inappropriate at the same time :)

ps EFF YOU blogger, i can never get my pictures where i want them...... took FOR FUCKING EVER. gaaaaaaah :pullshairout:

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trinity. such a great character.