Tuesday, November 2, 2010

birthday lust list

well well well... it's that time of year! one week until my day of birth! I'm not too phased by age or numbers and I have always said 25 was the scary number for me and I'm glad to be leaving it. 26 sounds like a rounder, more mature age. Plus it's been kind of an intense year and I am more than happy to put it behind me. My mom asked me yesterday what I wanted and I started to think..... what DO I want? hmmmm.....

deffo need a new blackberry!! can't decide which to get

 oversized sweaters via urban

oh hey, the rack is having an event on my
 b-day! prob be buying myself a gift or 2 :x

practical: a flickr pro account :) so i can share my pretty pix

my best friend Kelly is currently in transit, moving back
to LA.  I couldn't be more excited&can't imagine better
 way to spend my weekend than with my two gals. think
I see two tat's in my near future as well.....stay posted!   ;)

this pic made me smile :) a little example of the moments I'm looking forward to

maybe a spicy bday make out sesh?  ;)
peep more spicy kisses

hey hey, a girl can dream......


Holly said...

new tats?//// tell!

Rosita said...

mel and i wanna get matching scorps!