Sunday, November 7, 2010

One down...3 to go!

Just finished my first week of boot camp! My arms and legs are a little shaky but I am feeling good! Whoa exclamation points. Excuse me, I am really excited though, I'm becoming a salad junkie too. I'll throw up some of my faves this week. There's a cute spot by my work that has amazing salads but I can't rationalize paying more than $10 for a salad for lunch. For now, thank you Trader Joe's!

the view from the M-F spot, did the monday session & 2 sessions on weds!

Here's some snaps I took of the  5.5 mile hike we took this morning.  Man, I
 am in pain but it was awesome and it's going to be worth it for sure :)   Great
way to end a bad weekend & start the week.   Not so tough to keep yourself
motivated with such a beautiful view! I almost psyched myself out a couple
times. I'm no quitter!! Excited to start seeing results soon. How do you keep
motivated?? I'm kind of happy about the time change, I'm going to use it as
a jumpstart to get up early & hit the AM session or start my day at the gym.

Enjoy the end of the weekend and have a great week!


Shape up with Alison said...
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Shape up with Alison said...

Gorgeous!!!! Keep it up girl!!!

Holly said...

gorgeous scenary. just WOW.

its hard for me to stay motivated, so let me know if you find out how. ;)

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again :)