Thursday, March 31, 2011


This year is special. 2011! Wowza. Sounds like the future right? :) well, in my nerdy music world, it's a special date... it's been a special date for 31 days. The first day, I got on a plane with my best friend and we flew east... we landed in Florida and had breakfast right after sunrise in South Beach. went back to the hotel, met up with Sandra and her cousins, and began the trip, the month of a lifetime. 3-3-11 we set sail from Miami to Turks and Caicos on a 311 cruise. I'm still recovering. It was so amazing, so special, so perfect. I cant describe. I want to try and this is why I gave myself so much time, but I can't explain it. I'm going to have to show you. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many friends, to have so much free time in such close proximity with my girls, my friends. Everyone was so relaxed and happy, it was a complete blissful state. I laughed all day all night until my belly hurt. I fell so much more in love with all my friends. (and at the same time, my heart hurt missing my little sister so much!! this summer we'll make up for it.  I love you, Lisa!)

I give up trying to be friends with blogspot, i know the alignment is all fucked up. I can't fight with it anymore! click on any picture you want to see bigger :) Made them small so they'd load more friendly....


 my good friend nick and his glass :) my friend Melissa and I sneaking into show #2

dance party with doug benson :) buying cuban cigars at lunch in south beach..ha!

nick jumping a cab as we were all leaving :( :( so funny

laaadies ready for a crazy night out on the town

California girls, born and raised! :)

underwater camera testing in Grand Turk!

(DJ SOULMAN! Look him up, he was the best)

311 Q&A...hands down one of the highlights. they love their fans

i love this picture. we got drunk at lunch and jumped in the ocean :)))

and check out the various vids to see the crazy energy... you may spot me a few times!
link one
linke two

perhaps i'll form more words later :)  Wanted to get this up before 3/11 was over!

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Holly said...

why did you have to sneak into show #2?

that boat is soooooo HUGE

trip of a lifetime !