Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Must read!

Today Scott Weiland, my guilty pleasure original total bad boy rockstar crush, released his memoir. I ran over to Book Soup during my lunch hour to pick up copies for my best friend and myself, so that we'd have tickets for his book signing next week! I could not be more excited :) I am also going to do some magic and get my ass into the Viper Room where he is playing after his signing. It's been so long since I've seen him or his band, one of my favorites in existence. I think I try not to like them as much as I do because of his troubles. I don't want to be too deep into it and lose it. Music means so much to me and that's a devastating blow. (I'm already starting to feel what it's going to feel like when I lose RX Bandits...)

Anyway, you should totally pick up his book if you have any interest in music, rock history, understanding addiction, and turbulent love. I already flipped from cover to cover and skimmed a lot of it. I may wait to read it to get the audiobook because Scott reads it himself (LOVE IT!) but he writes so open and honestly about his disease, his marriages and relationship with Stone Temple Pilots. And after googling for pics, I realized his ex-wife Mary wrote her own book! OK that one, I am dying to read.

(a beautiful song he wrote for Mary....where can I get this kind of love?) xo

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