Thursday, July 21, 2011


so i wanted to redefine the blog again but found myself completely uninspired. it's been a hard couple of weeks! works been really a mix of highs and lows but i need to snap out of it and find what i love about being creative again. so i'm staring at bright colors, wearing lots of dresses, gonna do my nails pretty (i didn't even ever LIKE sparkles!) and getting ready to say goodbye to my favorite band ever, rx bandits. bitter bittersweet but it's going to be beautiful. i'll try to keep up with the blog, promise. here's my inspiration for the week :)

laura's nails via theweddingis925milesaway

rxb's matthew embree via firethecanon

color inspiration via color-collective

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jena ardell said...

Aw, yay!! Color Collective made an appearance!! :)