Saturday, August 1, 2009


Damn, I looove this song. The video is sultry and insanely sexual but so well done. I probably watched it a hundred times when it originally came out but that's not such a good thing! I was most likely too young to be all into that. But Fiona Apple is amaziiing. Oh well. It's a goodie and it's been stuck in my head lately so I just wanted to share.

Embedding disabled but clicky here and go watch the vid yourself. I promise you'll love it if you don't already.

I'm here in Baltimore hanging out while Eric's at an AA meeting. We had a great day and went to a really nice anniversary dinner. I also got to catch up on Entourage while he's been at his meeting and I am loving this season so far! It's really great. I love that they brought Sloan back and Jamie Lyn brings a lot to the cast. Her and Turtle are so cute together! The ladies are bringing the fashion, it's a great taste to the show. Love it!

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

one of her BEST for sure