Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 things...Thursday

This week I missed my Tuesday deadline... I've luckily had a busy week so Monday was spent working with my friend Laura at her booth at a stationary trade show, it was very exciting, many good things to come. Tuesday I had a second interview/trial workday at a new job and then straight over to Gramercy to see Stone Temple Pilots. So here is my 10 thing list for the week. I am thinking of also turning it part into a bucket list a la MTV's The Buried Life. We'll see how I feel next week :) Lots of stuff going on.... stay tuned.

1. I made my dad wait in line for a rollercoaster for more than an hour then was too scared to go on. 

2. I've recorded at 311's studio.

3. I've been in an ambulance twice. 

4. I got my dog on 3/11/05. 

5. I sat onstage during an STP club show.

6. I crashed a snowmobile in the backwoods of Colorado. 

7. I have a sixth sense when it comes to judging character. 

8. I've traveled to another state, alone, to see 311. (and Incubus.)

9.  Michael Vartan once parked next to met at a grocery store lot. He met his fiance the same way.

10. I've climbed the Pyramid of the Sun & Moon outside of Mexico City.

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