Friday, May 21, 2010

lust lust lust

Summer is coming and I've got two things on my MUST DO (D.I.Y.) list. 

I came across this adorable Italian blogger (internodiciotto) and noticed she made herself some Chloe-inspired shorts! How brilliant!! I just love how feminine and flirty the edges are. 

I am a huuuge Chloe Sevigny fan and she is a very appropriate face for the brand... I love seeing her in the commercials, I think she is fresh and fun. I also love her acting... she is such a nut on Big Love. I love her and Ginnifer Goodwin.

I'm going to be on the hunt for some perfect jeans to cut up for this!

I saw this Hermes ad (I think) in Vogue first but today I saw it in my new Allure magazine (which inspired me in more ways than one... and I also actually saw a jewelry piece I did for one of my contract jobs... exciting!) anyway, in Allure they gave you a how-to guide on the hair do.  

I've been collecting scarves at street fairs for a while now, I have a really beautiful Oscar de la Renta scarf as well as three Vera Wang scarves. The funny thing is I really just pick the scarves that catch my eye and they turn out to be designer. I guess I am in the right field!

So I might try this look this weekend... I have a long white/blue scarf that would be perfect. Maybe we'll go to the Bleeker Street Fair on Sunday so I can pick up some boyfriend jeans for my other project :)

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! xo


anastasia said...

can we make these shorts when i visit you?! :) i have so many pairs waiting to become shorts. haha can't wait!!

Holly said...

dang, those shorts are cute!

Jena Ardell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that jean shorts idea. Definitely want to see yours!! I might even have to be a copycat and do the same. Let's spread this trend!!

Rosita said...

everyone should try it! and then we'll compare :D

Every Little Counts said...

oh my god i love the shorts! love, love, love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking me! :-) i just came home and my boyfriend told me he saw this post on your blog…that makes me feel sooo happy! Had such a great blogger day today, this makes me happy even more and in two hours i'm flying to london! :-) thanks thanks thanks

kisses from italy, sissi

Rosita said...

have fun in london, i'm so jealous! thanks for the inspiration! :D