Saturday, July 3, 2010

lust lust lust

I went to the mall yesterday and stumbled upon the new Ray Ban frames... holy cow I am in love! I have been wanting to buy a black pair of wayfarers and I'm glad I had to wait so long... I'm going to scoop these puppies up sooon! 

I also saw another pair that looked really good on me... but do I need 3 pairs of designer sunnies? They were marked down to $40! If I go back next week and they're still there... it's meant to be so we'll leave it to fate.

I am also lusting over summer travel... I am used to bouncing back and forth from coast to coast so being in one side for so long has me feeling cabin fever! Isn't that weird? So I am looking at tour dates, flights.... etc. I'll leave that list for my Tuesday 10 things. ;)

Tonight I am going to see Matt Embree's Love You Moon at the El Rey. The show is on Tuesday :D LOL! ooops! I can't wait. He's amazing and oh-so sexy! I love his voice and his stage swagger. I am excited. Must charge my camera.

Last, I am super, madly crazy in lust with Gaga! LOVELOVELOVE her... love her style, love her brain, love her moves. I can't stop watching the Alejandro video. Some great outfits, some great dancing... I can't take it. Here's a pic from her Telephone video, very 4th! Happy Holiday, enjoy it and be safe! 

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