Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh, kate...

So, I am in a miserable mood and have been rotting my brain on lots and lots of television. I'm finally going to catch up on this seasons LOST!!!! :)

First, I'm catching up on everything on my dvr... which equals Jon & Kate + 8! I watched an old episode from last year where they are potty training the boys and it PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF!!

I worked as a preschool teacher for a long time. One of the classes I had included potty training. It was hard work and we fought a lot of with parents about who was prepared and who wasn't. We got a lot of, "Why is that kid getting potty trained and not mine?" 

Truth is, you can't push them. They have to do it when they're ready or you'll only traumatize them. Yes, it may be more convenient for you to get that kid out of diapers but it'll only prolong the process if you're an asshole about it. A la Kate. She left the boys sitting on the potties until they peed. "You're not allowed to get up until I see pee in there!" and she even left one of he boys sitting on the potty, in the dark. 

Maybe I am just losing my marbles but that shit pissed me off! Ughhh...

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